Justice League of America (2nd Series) (2006) #34 VF/NM

Justice League of America (2nd Series) (2006) #34 VF/NM

Justice League of America (2nd Series) (2006) #34 VF/NM
Justice League of America (2nd Series) (2006) #34 VF/NM. Stock image shown are for illustration purpose only. Actual cover may vary slightly. Notes: Death of Starbreaker Appearences: Icon, Hardware, Zatanna Zatara, Vixen (Mari McCabe), Green Lantern (John Stewart), Starbreaker, Firestorm (Jason Rusch), Paladin (Bruce Wayne), Dharma, Superman (Clark Kent). All he could remember was waking up in a hospital bed with a masked doctor standing over him and bright lights, hearing the operation was a success, we've restored him. She reached out and grabbed his hand, but he didn't recognize the beautiful woman standing beside the doctor. She started to cry, Doctor what's going on? The doctor put a hand on her shoulder He's a different person now.

The operation to fix the damage from the lightning restored his body, but only you can help him fix his memory. The side effects might vary. From small things like memory loss, to bigger issues.

" She looked at him in panic, "What kind of bigger issues? " The doctor turned with his back to her, "We had to irradiate the parts of his brain associated with memory, but we may have affected his some of his growth and emotional centers too.

He may exhibit some physical and psychological changes. At that moment, Bob stood up and tore the IV from his arm and glared at the both of them.

"I'm fine, " he growled as he got dressed and walked out. As Bob walked down the street, he thought, Now what? He passed a bar and thought, I've got to take a break and get my head together. People greeted him, he didn't know who they were so he ignored them.

None of them really knew his secret criminal identity, none of them knew what he was plotting to do, but then, neither did he... And then he got a little deeper Does it even matter who I was? Maybe I just get to decide who I want to be - now. Bob tipped the bartender and was drawn back to his warehouse...

He wasn't sure what was waiting behind the door until he turned the knob. Surrounded by issues of Spiderman, Superman, The Avengers. Comic books from Marvel, DC, Dark Horse, Image and Valiant, he started to remember the smell of the books, the colors, the stories from when he was a kid.

He remembered his warehouse but not what it was really for... Bob started to move some of the long boxes around. Then 50, 25 on each shoulder, with ease...

"This must be one of the physical side effects" he thought... I'm okay with this one... Let's see what else I can do...

He went to the computer and realized he couldn't remember any of his passwords or account information... So he wiped his computers and created a new website... In the same amount of time it took to make a fresh pot of coffee... Then the door opened Boss?

It was Brian and Kristina previously loyal friends and colleagues... Bob stood up "Can I help you"?

Bob- what's going on? What did you do with all the books? And What's up with our website? I'm guessing we work together. I saw a doctor and he did something to me...

I don't know everything, and I'm having trouble remembering things... But maybe you can help. "Sh-sure Bob" they both stuttered. Let me show you what I did to our website Brian.

" Bob pointed to the screen, "Does this stuff look familiar to you? Brian suddenly recognized the source code. I'm your programmer, of course I do...

But this code is amazing... So elegant and simple, yet robust... But you missed some stuff, mind if I finish it?

Kristina do you see what I did with all the books? " Kristina was already looking at the cataloged boxes, with easily pickable indexes and a packing station set up for dozens of people "Bob, when did you do this? We've been talking about it for months! " Bob looked at Kristina "The doctor says that I'm stronger now. This only took me an hour.

And how are we still running with all this traffic? The site should be down... Must be that new elastic server and distribution network I just put in. Kristina got to work packing books, while Bob went to find more help.

Bob went back to the bar. Anybody that can read and write can have a job. Five burly guys got up from their table and followed Bob out... But the questions continued to burn in his soul. Who was the beautiful woman in the hospital?

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Justice League of America (2nd Series) (2006) #34 VF/NM